Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19th: Day of Hope

This weekend my good friend and I spent some time making beautiful prayer flags in memory of our daughters. I've never been crafty so I am always pleasantly surprised when I do a decent job. Avery has given me the inspiration to craft and I have to say it is very therapeutic.

Monday was the International Day of Hope, a day for remembering all of our babies gone too soon.   A day aimed at breaking the silence and a day to remind us that there is still hope. I am so very thankful that I truly have hope in the knowledge that one day I will be with my little girl again. And that hope gets me through each morning that I wake up without her and each night when I go to bed with her only in my heart.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

14 Months

14 Months...

At first I remember counting the days and then the days turned to weeks and the weeks into months. Hitting double digits was hard. But I truly cannot believe its been 14 months since this beauty was born.  So full of life and love. Changing us forever. 

14 Months...

I miss those days we had. I miss the feeling of her in my arms, I miss how I had to rub her cute chubby cheeks when she nursed to keep her from falling asleep, I miss running my fingers through her hair, I miss the sound of her ear piercing cry, I miss watching my husband hold her and look at her with such love, I miss how it felt to be a family of three for those six days. 

14 Months...

Of feeling so incredibly empty on the sixth of each month, of longing to know what life would have been like if she was still here, of trying to picture her crawling, walking, talking, of heartache and tears, of trying to figure out how to live life, of finding ways to keep her memory alive. 

14 Months...

And so many more to come. 

Happy 14 Months Sweet Girl! We love and miss you so very much.