Avery's Name Gallery

Avery's name written all around the world.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to remember Avery in pictures.  More are always welcome!  :)

In Australia
-From Carly

In Australia
-From Carly

In Santa Monica
by Me & the Hubby

From Heather N.
In South Carolina
From Dana

From Heather N.

In the Pennsylvania Snow
From BLM Chera
I found this on our trip home from Vegas in the Delta Sky Mall Magazine
From Avery's cousins-Tucker and Jack
From BLM Lisa in IL

From BLM Vanessa in CA
From BLM Angel in Ontario

From BLM Dani in Salt Lake City

From BLM Monica in Brittish Columbia

From BLM Katy in NYC

From BLM Donna in Newcastle, Australia

From BLM Karen in Brisbane, Australia

From Alisha in Cape Cod

From BLM Shaina in Ohio

From BLM Katriina in Henderson, NV

From BLM Karen in the UK

FromBLM Gina in Maryland
From Avery's Uncle John and Aunt Rose
From Aunt Sarah in Cancun
Avery's Prayer Flag in Australia

On Daddy's Truck in Gatlinburg, TN

In the Gerogia Mountains

Aunt Kim's on Christmas

On our Christmas escape trip in TN

From Crystal in Savannah, GA

Snow Angel from Lori and Steve on their trip to VA

From Holly

From BLM Catherine

From Great Uncle Fred in Missouri

In Bimini

From Anita in Tennessee

From Dave in Titusville, FL

From cousins Shelby and Drew in Jacksonville, FL

Made by me

From Rebecca in Cocoa, FL

From Tanya in Titusville, FL

Cousins Tucker and Jackson writing Avery's name in Ormond Beach

From Katelyn in Titusville, FL

From the Atkinson's in Port St. John, FL

From Karen in Brisbane, Australia

From BLM Sylvia in Reno

From BLM Kayla

From Danielle in Dallas

From BLM RaeAnne

Avery in another magazine.  This time Avon!

From Stephanie in San Jose, Ca

In the Frost

Her name was on the lantern too.

At the March for Babies.  Thanks Nancy!

For STAR day from Aunt Kim

At the store!

NYC-The High Line from Sarah

At Disneyland!  Thanks Meredith.

The ladies at Cracker Barrel love Avery!

From cousins Jack and Tucker while in Ormond Beach

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