Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day: Oct 15th

2 years ago today my life was forever changed when 2 pink lines appeared on that stick. I took the test not expecting a positive result. They hadn't been in the past and we had just started trying. But once I saw those lines I could not stop smiling. I was a mom. We would have a family in a few short months. Life was great. I waited to tell Eddy. I showered and got myself ready for the day. The poor guy was blind-sighted. He didn't even know I was testing so when he walked in the house from washing the car and I sprung the news on him, I though he was going to faint. A few minutes later, a glass of water and a seat on the couch and he was excited too. October 15, 2011 was a day that will forever be a memory cherish. Our lives were forever changed that day, little did we know how changed our lives would really be just a few months later. 

Meanwhile, that same day, while we were celebrating, hundreds of thousands of families worldwide were spending a the day remembering their babies gone too soon. Little did we know 2 years ago that 1:4 women will lose their child through pregnancy or infant loss. Little did we know that after 9 months of an uneventful pregnancy we would have only 6 short days with Avery. Little did we know how we would spend every October 15th from that day forward. Oh how quickly life changes. 

This is the second year we will be remembering Avery by lighting a candle at 7pm. This is the second year I wish today didn't exist. This is the second year I will help break the silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. We do it to remember Avery, to remember every baby gone much to soon and to bring light to pregnancy and infant loss awareness. 

1:4 is too many to simply be forgotten. 1:4 is me. 1:4 represents women from all walks of life. 1:4 could be your neighbor, your coworker, the lady next to you at the grocery store. Just think about how many women that really is. It's astounding that more attention is not brought to this topic. 

You can help break the silence!  Join us and so many families as we light candles tonight at 7pm to remember our babies. 

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