Saturday, April 6, 2013

He misses her too

10 months ago today was the best day of my life. I held my daughter for the first time and life was perfect. For the last 9 months and 3 weeks, my arms have been empty. Every night since June 12th I've slept with the pajamas and blanket Avery wore the last night she had here on Earth. Instead of leaving the hospital with her that morning, I left with these two things. No matter here I go, these items come with me. I feel secure with them in my arms.

Today, when I woke up instead of folding and placing these items on my dresser, I folded them and placed them on my pillow. This afternoon, my husband came out of our bedroom to ask if I moved them close to where the dog was sleeping. Confused, I replied I hadn't touched these items since the morning. He called me into our bedroom to show me why he asked. Our dog was cuddled up with her pajamas and was resting his head on her blanket. The craziest part was that fact that he wasn't laying on my side of the bed on my pillow where I last left the items. He had somehow moved them to my husbands side of the bed without unfolding them too much.

He looked sad and peaceful all at the same time laying there with her pajamas and blanket. He misses his sister too. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one. Either way, our sweet dog made Avery's 10 month birthday a day I shall not forget.


  1. I just took a pic of my sweet cat (my other baby) curled up in the baby bassinet, as if she was just waiting for baby to come home.

  2. Animals are very smart. I think we sometimes overlook the small things and they see it all through innocent eyes. ♥♥

  3. Our animals sometimes understand so much about us...without ever saying a word. This is just perfect.

  4. This just made me sad and so sweet. Hugs to you!