Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Right Path

In a moment the path you thought you were on suddenly forks. On the right path the gravel is smoothed out, there are some bumps but they are spread out making it easy to navigate. On this path the sun shines brightly through the tall, strong trees. It's not always sunny on this path but the rain doesn't come frequently and dissipates quickly. There are birds chirping, flowers blooming and butterflies fluttering in the breeze.

The other path is overgrown, clearly less traveled. The pathway is full of sharp jagged rocks, deep holes and many steep hills. The trees are thick and the sunlight is blocked out by the storm clouds that always linger. Weeds grow and mosquitoes swarm on this path.

The fork lies in front of you. Do you go down the smooth path or the dark path? Common sense would tell us to take the right path. This is the path I decided to take. But what would you do if as soon as you decided to take that path you were stopped, forced to take the other path?

The path you want more than anything lies before you yet you aren't allowed to take it. It's within your grasp, you can feel the sun on your face, warming your insides. You can hear the birds singing, bringing a smile to your face. And you can see the butterflies dancing, giving you hope. But you cannot enter.

Both paths lead you to your destination. A predetermined place unbeknownst to you but to get there you are forced to take the dark path. You fight with all of your might to take the right path but it is out of your hands. You beg, plead, cry out to be allowed to take the right path but cannot. Others enter down the path with no problems, joyful and happy.

You are extradited to the dark path. You are forced to carefully navigate through the deep holes, the jagged rocks and the many hills. This path leaves scars and bruises. This path is painful. This path is exhausting. All you can think of is the path YOU want to take. You hate this path. You resent those on the path you desire. This path separates you. This path sets you apart. By taking this path, you will never be the same. The glimpse of the right path fills your thoughts and its all you desire, so you continue to battle, slowly forcing yourself over every hill, pulling yourself out of every hole and watching your wounds bleed and slowly scab over just to be ripped open again and again.

This path is not my choice, it's the one I've been given. I hate this path but I'm not a quitter so I will push on. I'll slowly find my way. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many times I bleed, I will continue my path and I will forever be changed because of this journey.

I don't know where this path leads but I will continue on my journey and I will never forget the glimpse I saw of the right path and I will hope that eventually this path will cross the right path.

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  1. I'm right behind you, my friend. Sadly, I dressed for the other path and I seriously regret wearing these flip flops! We'll get there.