Thursday, December 13, 2012

Please support this petition!

Yesterday, another BLM posted on her Facebook, that a website had posted a picture of her daughter’s grave online without her consent.  Shocked and appalled, I asked for the website name.  As I went to the website and typed in my daughter’s full name, I was disgusted to find that the website also had a photo of Avery’s gravesite posted.

A picture of MY daughter’s grave, posted without MY permission!  I couldn’t believe it.  The website claims to do this for people looking for ancestry information, etc.  I however, am not comfortable at all with this.  And, if you become a member, you can sponsor your own child’s “memorial page” so that there are not advertisements on it for a fee!  They are attempting to make money from this!!!!  How disgusting!

I personally do not want a complete stranger hosting a site with MY daughter’s information on it and I do not want a site that has not receive my permission to make money from my daughter!  I am outraged! 
Upon calling the cemetery, they were completely unaware that this was happening.  They were very kind and understanding however, the cemetery is a public place and they cannot prevent this from happening.  Dead end.  I’ve attempted to email the site but have not heard back yet.  They have no listed phone number for me to call.  I am at a loss for what to do to get this information removed and I hate not having control over something related to MY daughter. 

My friend who told me about this site created a petition against this website asking for the removal of children’s gravesites unless permission is given by the parent.  This is something I strongly support.  If this bother’s you too, I ask that you sign the petition to stop unauthorized pictures of babies and children’s graves from being posted on the internet.
Thank you!

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