Monday, May 6, 2013

11 Months

Avery’s 11 Month Stats (what I really wish this post could be titled)

Avery weights…?
Avery measures...?

Avery likes…?
Avery dislikes…?

Avery says…?
I really wish I could fill in those blanks and this post was entirely different.  Truth is I have no idea what she would be like at this point.  I am not even sure if the little girl I picture in my head is the right size or development.   Would she be walking?  What would her little voice sound like?  How long would her hair be by now?  11 months.  11 long and very quick months.  Would time have felt the same with her here with us? I hate that I will never know. 

One thing that is constant is my love for her and how much I long for her.  One day.  One day we will be together.  One day I won’t have blanks full of question marks, one day I will be with her forever.  Until that day, I will carry her in my heart.

Happy 11 Months baby girl, we sure do miss you. 

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  1. 11 months...Happy birthday, Avery ♥♥♥