Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Scent

Today’s challenge was a picture of a scent that reminded you of your child.  I thought of this one for a while as there are many scents that bring me back to my pregnancy and to her.  When I was pregnant and had morning sickness the first few months, the girls in the office connected to ours made bacon every morning.  The smell was awful to my sensitive stomach. 
The smell of diaper cream/baby powder brings me back to having her in my arms.  She smelled so fresh and sweet.  Since losing her, I have found that the sunscreen my husband uses smells A LOT like her baby care items.  Every time he uses it, I am brought back to her.  It’s a great smell.  I’ve truthfully smelled the diaper cream and sunscreen on more than one occasion to bring me back to those moments with her.

But, I think the smell that really brings me back to it all is her room.  The room created a scent of its own when we started transforming it into her room a few months before she was born.  I think it is a combination of all of the new furniture, mixed with the smell of her clothes and blankets washed in baby detergent and the smell of baby care items.  These scents have all combined together to make her room have a scent like no other in our home.  Before she was born, the scent was there.  It brings back memories of the hours I spent in there preparing it and making it perfect for her.  When she was here, we spent time just rocking in her rocking chair and scent was there.  After she left us, the door mainly is closed but when I go in her room, the scent is still there and it brings me back to all of the memories of pregnancy and of her.  When I want to feel close to her, I go and sit in her room with the door closed and just take in the scent of my memories of her.

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