Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18: Family Portrait

I still can’t bear the thought of taking a real family photo without Avery.  Our one and only family photo was while in the operating room during my c-section.  This is something that bothers me so much!  I wish we had more pictures of the 3 of us together.  In my mind, we would be taking so many family photos especially with the holidays approaching.  My husband’s family likes to do a big family photo every few years are we are about due to take another one.  I was actually excited for it this year because finally it wouldn’t just be my husband and I; it would be the three of us.  So, to sit down and take a photo of our family just breaks my heart even more.  Sure, I have a few of my husband and I from a recent trip but they weren’t being taken as family pictures, in all honesty, they were forced.  I know we will all incorporate Avery into our next family photo, I am really just dreading having to do that-she should be in it.  I’ve debated using her Molly Bear, her picture, etc. none of those sound like it will do her justice.    
So, this is a picture my husband and I took in Chicago.  It’s a picture of how Avery was still “with” us on the trip in spirit and in our hearts.  This is going to be our “thing” to include her from this point forward whenever we go anywhere.  It’s my husband and I saying I love you with his tattoo and my Avery bracelet. 
We love you baby girl!

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