Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: Siblings

This is a picture of Avery with her 5 older boy cousins. Since she was our first and doesn't have any siblings I decided to post her pictures with them. Avery was the first girl born into my husband's father's side of the family in over 50 years. To say she was the princess is a complete understatement. Her closet is still busting at the seams with clothes.

She was loved and wanted by so many, including these boys (although at first they weren't sure how they would incorporate her into baseball, they later decided she would be the best girl baseball player ever). Growing up, I am sure she would have hated having these 5 tough guys looking out for her (and so would boys her age) but they would have been her protectors.

They love her. They all wore pink to her service and keep their Avery bracelets in a special place. Even the youngest who is only 3 perks up whenever he hears her name and asks about baby Avery. They all love her and remember her, I just wish I could have watched them all grow up together.

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