Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: Special Place

Today's challenge was to post a picture of a special place.  Before Avery passed, I was truly creeped out by cemeteries.  Now that I laid my child, my beautiful daughter to rest in one, I find peace at the cemetery.  The cemetery where Avery is buried is beautiful.  I just look around and find beauty everywhere.  It’s amazing to see beauty in a place where all I felt before was sadness. 
There are oak trees spread throughout the property, providing shade and beautiful shadows over the gravestones.  The trees old and strong, surviving so much throughout the years yet their moss hangs from the branches slowly falling in the wind.  The trees remind me of this world I have been recently introduced to; the world of babyloss and bereaved parents.  We try to stand tall and strong to make it through another day without them.  We are surviving what is being thrown at us yet; our tears are there in our eyes just waiting for something to cause them to call.  Just like the moss falls in a gentle breeze, our tears fall easily at the slightest trigger. 

Being at this place surrounded by natural beauty provides me peace.  I often feel Avery close when I am there.  Her pinwheels spinning when I can’t even feel any wind, the sound of birds singing and the butterflies that dance between the fresh flowers of the graves are all so beautiful and calming.  I visit Avery often.  I know Avery isn’t there but being at the place where we laid her perfect little body to rest brings me comfort.  This is my special place.  We intend to purchase a bench to match her stone to complete her area there.  I cannot wait for this to happen.  I can see many days of me spending even more time just sitting and being still in this beautiful place. 

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  1. Hello I am Jennifer grandmother of angel Chloe Grace. I too find the cemetary a special place. Its where i know the earthly body we saw, is. Even though she is in heaven the place her body is is sacred. I cannot imagine not having that. Our sweet girl lived 7 days and would be 4 years old April 21, 2013. My prayers are with you and dont let anyone tell you how to grieve. Its your journey and its not easy. But you are not alone........ God bless your angel.