Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 21: Special Place

Yesterday’s challenge was to post a photo of a special place.  We have Avery’s picture in pretty much every room of our house. After she passed I went on this hunt for photos of her.  I was so afraid that I would barely have any photos.  I am glad to say that after compiling pictures that everyone took over her 6 days, I have over 150 photos.  So I have taken many and placed them throughout our house.  I love that her pretty pictures surround us.
The picture on the left is in her room.  It is one of my favorites.  This picture also has some decorations that we had in her nursery, a picture of my husband and her, a cross from her services, a balloon that my best friend left for her at the cemetery and a few other little items.  The picture on the top right is a family photo frame that hangs in our dining room.  And the picture on the bottom right is of shelves in our main hallway.  The upper shelf has a picture of her with a cross faith candle.  The lower shelf has her candle, her picture and a picture of my cousins and I with my grandmother, Diane,  this was taken the Thanksgiving before she passed away.    This is my grandmother who Avery received her middle name from. 

I could go on about each of these, but I am emotionally exhausted and have been for the past few days.  I'm just so tired of everything, I don't even have the energy to put it all down on paper. 

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