Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Her age

Avery was only 6 days old when we lost her.  6 days will never be enough but I know I also wouldn’t be satisfied even if I had 6 million days with her. I mean, how could any parent be fully satisfied with any amount of days they had with their child?  I am however thankful that I was given 6 beautiful days with her.  I will forever cherish each second of these 6 days.  I remember so much about that short period of time.  I could tell you who visited us and on which day.  I could tell you what she wore, what time we went to bed and exactly what we did during the day each of those days.    My husband and I fell in love even more during those 6 days.  Those 6 days will forever be ingrained in my mind and will always be a cherished period of time.

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